Consulting & Boot Camps

Corporate weekends/events with Robert Horwood & Peter Russell, authors of PLATINUM $ALES POWER (published by PenPressLtd).

Specialised topics covered include;

  • sales & marketing strategies
  • training sales representatives
  • optimizing any 'Training Manual'
  • encouraging creativity
  • assessing productivity
  • decreasing obstacles
  • increasing potential
  • overview
In short, turning an under-achieving Sales team into PLATINUM PERFORMERS.

Horwood and Russell have succesfully improved the performance of sales and marketing companies, in a variety of businesses from Resort Hotels, TimeShare tracks and Health & Fitness clubs in Spain, Portugal, Austria, Canary Isles, Italy, Russia & USA. Their Platinum $ales Program has been successfully engaged on 3 Continents in 4 languages by Sales novices and industry Superstars. One thing remained constant; the Sales people earned more money. Every single time.

Combining 35 years of marketing expertise from high-flying successes and some pretty rough landings, they mix hysterical stories with a quiet confidence that comes from writing over $25 million in business (all figures U.S.). Russell & Horwood will cover most aspects of your marketing organization from personnel recruitment, interview techniques, staff moral and communication weakspots. They will help you get the most from your advertising budget, suggest employee incentives and above all maximize MOTIVATION.

The life-blood of any company!


How James Bond is YOUR Life - 1300 Words- Download PDF

A health, wealth and common-sense approach to well-being. Keywords; everything in moderation. – the occasional chocolate cookie won’t kill you. Neither will a beer. Or a slice of pecan pie every thanksgiving. But to scarf down the hairy chicken skin out of a bucket of KFC, stuffed between your legs, in front of the tube three times a week weeeelll. Plus think of the hours you’d need in the gym to sweat off a french-fry lifestyle. And if you watch t.v. that much, chances are you are a) unemployed to start with or b) have no social life c) prefer Babylon 5 reruns to outside interests.

The Great Lost Art of Conversation - 1400 Words - Download PDF

Hands up people. Who suffers from any of the following; Mobile phone, palm pilot, Ipod, call- waiting, pagers, laptops, e-books, pocket calculators, internet, MP3, p.o.d., faxes, scanners, up-link, down-load, 500 channels (but nothing’s on?) multi-national corporations, vertical integration, Starbuckization of the new world order we live in?

Plagiarism - 848 Words- Download PDF

In the beginning was the Word. But the minute the word got written down, the Author lost copyright © protection of His (or Her) work. Capital H. They gave away their Intellectual Property to become the world’s first victim of Plagiarism.

February Point Resort Estates - 480 Words - Download PDF

Set on a magnifi cent private peninsula jutting into the turquoise waters of the Exumas, February Point is a real-estate jewel like no other. Luxury villas with Bahamian charm and the most modern conveniences are set amid an 80-acre prime oceanfront boutique property. The amenities are top quality and continue to grow as the community expands.

Platinum Sales Power

Life is a Business. You could even say all of Life is a ‘sale’; from getting a job, partner, family or home, it starts with being taken seriously.

The proven business techniques and tactics contained in this little book will noticeably, realistically improve your $ales and potential. It can increase Personal confidence/ Public speaking/ Employee productivity/ Professional ability and much more.

A 10-step $ales programme. 10 words, 10 chapters that make up the acronym, C.R.E.D.I.T. C.A.R.D. The acronym was carefully chosen, as each letter represents a tremendous power word which could fill an entire book by itself. By incorporating any single chapter into your $ales approach, your efficiency should improve.

Take TRUST for example; its not uncommon to be weaker in certain parts of the $ale. Learn how Platinum $alespeople establish a genuine bond with their buyers which enables them to buy with confidence. Trust is priceless.

Similarly, you may lack CONFIDENCE (stage-fright!) in front of a buyer, but by discovering their needs and matching them with your product’s features; again, they’ll buy.

REFLECTION; you may not have learned from your past mistakes yet but if you impress Clients with childlike enthusiasm for your product, well…you get the point.

ENTHUSIASM is probably the only exception; if you go to a job interview, exam or business meeting bored out of your mind, you are wasting time and should find your true passion instead.

"Finally! A down-to-earth approach to maximizing everyone's potential. Expertly combining common-sense wisdom with cutting-edge techniques, P$P imbues the reader with self-belief.

Patricia Vazques (PHDc)
Lecturer, Psychology UCLA

"The discipline, focus and good-humoured techniques in this book continue to help me set, achieve and realize goals long after I read it. Recommended."

Thomas J.Holzbog (AIA) (ASLA)
President Holzbog & Assoc., Los Angeles.
Professor/Lecturer Harvard University


PETER RUSSELL is originally from London, England. A creative Marketing consultant with a background in Entertainment, he has worked as Ghostwriter & Editor on many familiar projects. Peter lives in London & Rome.

ROBERT HORWOOD is also from London. A European sales director for a holiday resort group and successful entrepreneur with interests in real estate and entertainment venues (where he and Peter often host stand up comedy.) He lives in London and Majorca.

Platinum Facts: "The Miracle Metal"

We chose Platinum as our metaphor. The only level above Bronze, Silver or Gold.

PLATINUM a history: rare, valuable, elegant. As old as Earth but modern classic. 95% pure (18 Karat Gold is only 75% pure). Platinum's market price is often higher than Gold due to 30% more precious-metal per ounce, thus requiring a higher level of craftsmanship.

Some of the world's most famous Diamonds are set in Platinum, including the Hope and Koh-I-Noor Diamonds. It has many bio-medical uses such as pacemakers, mobile phones and satellite tech. Since 1975, each piece of Platinum jewellery sold in the United Kingdom must bear a Hallmark; a Sceptre inside a Pentagon.

(DISCOUNT RATE AVAILABLE for Corporate/College Business Studies/Library bulk purchase).


In a fascinating and humorous talk, Peter acts as a guide to the Universal Truths behind the world’s most recognized Symbols.

From Shakespeare to Superman, King Arthur to Star Wars, Don Quixote and Hamlet to Wagner and Hitler, he will illuminate the power of Symbology in iconic images we take for granted every-day and reveal the hidden meaning behind many famous texts.

From Egyptian times to today, Global Imagery has played an essential part in society’s development. Join Peter on a voyage of discovery through art, music & literature that unlocks a Pandora’s Box of secrets and codes. As children we intuitively identify these Symbols yet somehow only the great artists and speakers through-out history seem to retain and exploit their power as adults... (including advertising agencies and a few dictators!)

Harry Potter, the Da Vinci Code, Lord of the Rings etc. Are these all just random flukes? Or could there be a mysterious connexion to popular stories, though they are told in different ways? Peter connects the dots linking many cultural phenomenon’s that have the power to bridge boundaries and generations.

Welcome to a whole new way of understanding; from the Bible to Budweiser, the world will never look quite the same once you un-cover the secret language of Symbols.

Storytelling in Business - 125 Words - Download PDF

Dreaming of a professional career in the Creative Business World? Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Web content, Film, Literature or Politics. All the world’s a stage. And everything is MARKETING