About Howlingmoon | Business & Marketing

Peter was first seduced by the POWER of MARKETING as an aspiring Tennis Professional, aged 16. With tournament wins @ Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, etc., he was sponsored by PRINCE, DONNAY and BELFE clothes & became the youngest male to reach WIMBLEDON.

Invited to play Exhibition events in Austria, he formed I.T.S. (International Tennis School) with German Tennis star turned actor George Monroe in Salzburg & Hamburg, securing endorsement from KRIZIA perfume.

Meanwhile, in UK, Peter appeared in commercials for Daily Mirror, Dr. Pepper & The Sun. He also worked on Indiana Jones, James Bond, Aliens  & others, eventually moving to Hollywood, in ’89.
Pursuing a writing career, he signed to H.T.A. LITERARY AGENCY in Beverly Hills. Celebrity tennis clients inc; Tony Bennett, Eddie Murphy, Robert Duvall, writer Jeff Boam (Indiana Jones) directors William Friedkin, Alan Parker, Getty architect Richard Meier, Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry & others.

Roddenberry liked Peter’s movie script “King of America” about the wild adventures of a tennis pro., a "CHEERS" spec TV script followed at Paramount, leading to GHOSTWRITING, MARKETING & Ad. AGENCY work.

Forming Howling Moon Productions in '97, Peter became a respected Industry script Dr. and prolific SCREENWRITER. From the mega "Batman V: Twilight" to indie short "Elevation" and ‘Life!’ an award-winning play.

In 2006, Peter was hired by UK Marketing exec. Robert Horwood to write  & edit a self help book “PLATINUM $ALES POWER" (amazon.co.uk).  Compiling a career of Business anecdotes with valuable, humorous life-lessons for everyone interested in maximizing Potential.

Russell/Horwood are available for CONSULTING OFFERS and have conducted BOOT CAMPS for Clients in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, UK & USA.